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You had to go home and get ready to a social event you and Mercy had to go to, and going to parties was not very enjoyable for you. Va had encountered you multiple times in World of Warcraft through her clan. The way you would scrape your nails down his back when he hit the right spot Just. When you got to your house you went into the room that you and your girlfriend Angela shared. It escalated to the point where Angela fussed over the injuries you all sustained no matter how big or small. Everyone suddenly turned to ask if he was alright. Calming yourself down you smiled took a deep breath and excepted.

List of things you should think about with Dan Avidan.

The closet just after he closed the door. The bed just before he made it. The living room before he turned the lights on when he got home from work. Series Name: Hard to Handle Chapter Name: Click Pairing: Dan Avidan x Reader Word Count: Read on AO3. You hummed Take On Me by A-ha theatrically as you made your way upstairs with your groceries. At some point this week you would have your monthly pasta night.

Who were you kidding. You would have pasta night followed by leftover night until it was all gone. The song had come on the radio just as you were pulling into the parking lot meaning that it would be stuck in your head forever. You knew that two men lived there, but that was all you knew.

You had lived in this apartment for well over a year, but had never bothered to introduce yourself. By now, it would be awkward to try. You carefully turned your key back and attempted to pull it out of the lock when it snapped in your hand. Inspired by [ This ]. You finished stripping the sheets off the bed and shoved them into a basket.

The apartment was completely silent, but you could still imagine Danny laughing in the living room. You sat at the edge of the stripped bed and picked up the last vestige of your old life. The picture was a candid shot from your wedding day.

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You were holding on to the back of his suit desperately, but both of you were smiling.

You ran a thumb over the picture frame, smiling sadly at the memory. Your wedding dressed was packed somewhere in the living room. You sighed and slid the picture into the balled up sheets. You would keep that one. Finally getting something out! Sorry for the wait. This chapter is Mature bc of a sex dream. You pressed your head back into your pillows and clenched your sheets in tightly balled fists, looking for any sort of purchase as a low moan escaped your throat.

You had laughed when Danny borrowed one of your ponytail holders to pull his hair back into a messy ponytail, but there was no laughter on your lips now. The warm, wet heat of his mouth was all you could comprehend, all you knew—All you wanted to know. He nipped at your thigh and you were forced back into reality, opening your eyes to see him staring at you intently.

JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Dating Danny would include? He's my favorite Not so Grump. Originally posted by vastwebofgalaxies So much singing. Good singing, bad singing, singing through giggles, serenades, duets, all the singing.

Lots of forehead kisses. He loves being the little spoon just as much as he loves being the big spoon; he loves being held by you, the feeling of your head resting against his back as your arms pull him closer. Show more notes. What a Soup-rise.: Dan A x Reader:. What are the brothers texting habits like?

List of things you should think about with Dan Avidan. Mentions of a past toxic relationship. Get Down With The Sickness.: The aforementioned boyfriend, Dan, however, had a different approach when it came to being sick. A fourth breath. He walked up to the night. Arin x Reader x Suzy:. If you feel like this person is targeting you, feel free to DM me. Decorations and Confessions.: Method Acting Pairing: You stared at your costar in disbelief.

Hard to Handle - Danny x Reader - Chapter 1. Lena chuckled watching you. There's plenty more to show you but first I want to introduce you to some of my friends. My eyes gazed at her wild , pretty brown ones I wonder who she wants to meet. Come on love follow me!!

She started walking and I followed her , to be honest this place is making me feel a little nervous. This is where i found myself twiddling my thumbs together , this place feels familiar like I have been here before. I feel like I know this place I feel like I know you. My voice was a little off , I'm so confused. If only I had my memories back maybe all of this will be settled?

We both turned and walked into a large. Mikasa x Fem! Rely On Me Eren stood there lazily. Mikasa just lowered her face. I need to keep you alive.. Eren gritted his teeth, "I can take care of myself! You're only like this because of that night we met! View More. All we know you are a requirement for the project. You could have information, we don't know.

All we know is we need to protect you. That is a first priority at this precise moment. Winston is still calling upon as many of those who were apart of overwatch. We plan to move destinations every few days until we come up of something. I hope that's ok with you. Winston will definitely know something! As long as you are ok to stand? You nodded your head as you stood up; she took your hand into hers and began running.

Overwatch x reader - We need you - Chapter 1 You awoke to a bright light and a throbbing head. It felt like your body was enduring a hangover and all you wanted to do is throw up and go back to sleep. You felt what you have consumed coming back up again. You quickly looked around what seemed to be a surgery room to find that desired bucket you required but there was none.

The substance was approaching your mouth. You spewed into the bucket without hesitation. Once your stomach was empty you tried to gasp for air. Just a cause from a concussion. Nothing to fear though! Mercy can fix you up no probs! You looked at her with confusion. Where are my manners? I'm Tracer! Well welcome to the super super secret hideout of Overwatch!

It was abolished, r. Genji Shimada x reader: A calm moment You stretched out your arms and greeted the sun that spread its warm light over you. It had been a long day with hard work in the newly reactivated Overwatch and you enjoyed the calm moment. Your team had just finished a job at Route 66 and were waiting for the transportation back to the base.

You let out a deep sigh and felt how your body relaxed. You decided to sit down and bask in the warm sunlight with closed eyes. A gentle breeze caressed you and the warm light seeped into your skin. The world was coloured red behind your eyelids. You head fell forward and you realised that you must had dozed off.

Slowly you opened your eyes noticing that it was not as bright as when you had closed them. You were just about to ask yourself how long you had been sitting there when you noticed that you were not alone. Genji sat right next to you, almost so close that your knees touched. You looked at him, confused over his presence.

Animal Lovers Bastion x Reader "Be-bee-boop! You got a new friend? You both were out in a forest--the outskirts of King's Row where a battle was taking place from within. Bastion decided to sneak out and happened to drag you along with him. You didn't protest, though, because in truth.. He looked over at you, observing you curiously as you fed a squirrel.

You felt his gaze on you and looked over at him. Something you wanna ask me? They're sunflower seeds," you explained, holding out your palm to show him. If you're really quiet and still, they'll let you feed them. You giggled softly, putting a couple seeds into his large hand. But remember to be as still and as quiet as possible," you repeated, knowing that, as a tank, Bastion was the opp.

Widowmaker x Male Reader - Rekindled Pt. You asked for me sir? I'd like you to meet someone. Meet someone? It's an honor to meet you madame. Please, the honor is mine since I'm meeting the man that saved my husband during battle. Ahh, it was nothing. I'm just doing what I was trained for. If it was another soldier, he could've ran for the hills instead of savin. Thanks Mom Mother Figure!

Va, Tracer and Lucio. And since you guys were young, it made the older members act like parents to you guys, especially with Mercy, also known as Angela. You thought it was ridiculous, so you kept it a secret to yourself. Today you will be visiting her, due to an accident you had involving a tree.

You, Tracer, D. Va and Lucio were out fooling around outside near by the trees. You were dared to see how fast you could climb the tallest tree. This made you slip and fall, causing one of your left arm to get a cut on one of the branches as you fell.

You have gotten a magic stone embedded into your back that allows you to control a. I quit! Now I can I fail? I don't know how I can fail. You use my chest and my belly as your pillow threw-out the day women! He's a player. Danny, he's a brother plus my vocal teacher.

That is all I see him as. But you, I see you more than a friend, I see you as my boyfriend. Add a Comment: Load All Images. I support Dan, Jacques and Jon. But I support Dan more 'cuz he's adorable. I wish there were more Jontron fanfics he's so adorable: Jon's Bubsy video was the first one I watched from him. I have no idea who Danny is! Was i supposed to? Ironically enough I watched Markiplier's photoshop video after this and he talked about Danny.

Prev Next. More from Cryaotic Jacksepticeye x reader ALS ice bucket challange Sneaking out of your bed, slowly removing the warm arm from your waist, you slithered out of bed and to his side of the room where his phone and camera were, taking his camera and his phone, making sure that there wasn't any proof that you took them. You heard him groan softly, so you quickly tucked the phone and camera in your shirt and pants and began stretching as his eyes fluttered open.

So now, I finally got the camera. He smiled and grabbed your ankles, swiftly dragging you closer until your butt touched his leg. Open the door? Ken kept you behind him as he opened the door to reveal a slightly dirty Markiplier. How's it going? Hey Mark!

Staying clos. Cryaotic x Reader You were backstage, watching the famous people of Whoes Line is it Anyways mess around. You had received an email to be the star guest on Whoes line is it, so you accepted and dragged non-other than Cry with you. Through the ride there, you and Cry were singing to Limelight. After a while, you both were singing to random songs while Cry would try to mess with the steering wheel, but you slapped his hand.

He would pout under his mask, but you waved your hand waving his pout away. He pulled his mask up some to reveal his lips and nose, still wearing the pout to you. Your face burned pink, but you kept your eyes on the road. You felt his hand on your leg, making your leg twitch.

Markiplier x Reader This is for all you Markiplier fans! You felt yourself shift forward while a very hot presents wiggled and pressed against you. You shivered and whined softly as his hand went under your tank top, tracing his thumb. Markiplier x reader Falling back onto the comfy couch, you stretched your aching limbs from picking up boxes, pushing things, and pulling objects.

Most of the moving people did the job, but you moved all the stuff that you were protective about. Bringing out your phone, you scrolled through random anime hot guys while your 4 year boyfriend strolls in with the last box. You have boxes to unload missy! Yes my friends, your boyfriend is the one and only Markpilier. You're probably wondering, how the hell did I get to be with him!?

Well it's easy, you both met up at a Comic con, played some game. Lucius x Gothic! The doctors growled and slammed your body back onto the bed, making you gasp at the sudden contact. Settling your eyes back on the doctor, you could see him swallow saliva. Peter Parker x Fem! So, enjoy! You sigh happily while walking down the street towards your friends house.

Who's your friend may you ask? Why it is none other than Peter Parked. You and him have been friends for years, you've become close to take your shirt and pants off in front of him. You have threatened the school to rip your pants off and walk around in your boxers. You walked up the stairs and buzzed the button under the name of Parker. Throwing your empty pistol, you front flipped over a few walkers and took off running, the groans of walkers following you.

Your breath came out in short pants, with every step your feet sunk into the ground below you. Your eyes casted back and forth, looking for some kind of safety. Your pants were torn and covered in dirt with splatters of dry blood, you lost your leather jacket back then in the forest when it got caught in a thorn bush.

You were left in your tank top and partially torn pants, you were luck that your combat boots have lasted this long, with all the stomping of the brains you have been doing. Your hair was a mess, the beautiful braid was now a birds nest. Markiplier x Reader This is based off of this video: Sitting on Mark's couch while watching South Park, you listened to Mark complain and rage about the game Monstrum about how the steam and ghost were always the cause of him failing the game, it made you concerned because he was still sick and shouldn't be playing the game that makes him rage, but not like the game 'I am toast' where it took you 5 hours to calm him down.

Letting out a gentle sigh, you placed the remote down and went upstairs to his gaming room to see him looking down at the floor while groaning, his screen held the game Monstrum that said 'You escaped. But, now is the time where he takes a nap while trying to get over his cold. View Gallery. Your Next! Into the closet," Cry pushed us into the closet.

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Your arms are wrapped tightly across your own waist and your eyes are closed. But, when he's scared he screams so loud it scares you. Hope you enjoy, and keep in mind that my askbox is open to requests! Upload Files. Face Reveal Hana D.

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