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You feel my wetness coating you, dripping out of my hole and whenever you stroke my back or my head, I keen. The cock completely in her pussy held her fast one way whilst the cock down her throat held her from the other way. It's very hot. With a quick motion, she felt her skirt be pulled up, the hands making quick work of her tight pink panties as they were roughly pulled down. I whimper as you bottom out, enjoying the stretch and how deep you are and you pull me close as you feel me around you, hot and wet and tight. Alice cheered.

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You feel my wetness coating you, dripping out of my hole and whenever you stroke my back or my head, I keen. Finally, you start moving, having enough of just using me to keep warm. Whenever you thrust you see me jerk and twitch, overwhelmed by having you inside of me.

You sink deeper and my cervix kisses the tip of your cock. You feel how dilated it is, how perfectly it wants to slip over you and invite you into my womb. You grab my hips and move me up and down, using me to get off, grunting as I clench around you and cum, unable to help myself. I scream and clench around you and you feel wetness cover your crotch as I cum again, your dick reacting instantly and your balls twitch as you start pumping, pushing your cum inside of me with every thrust.

My cervix opens even more and starts sucking your cum inside, my womb filling with your seed as you drench my waiting egg in semen. I hiccup as another gush of your sperm spurts inside of me. My legs twitch as my head swims. You pull me close again, your mindbroken little breeding toy on your lap, keeping your softening cock warm and snug.

Consensual Non-Consent play has to be talked through and people have to be sane and safe and consensual about it, okay? The only vice I allow myself are longer bathroom breaks. The employee bathroom is kind of roomy and there is a counter next to the sink. But I get so horny sometimes… When work is slow I maintain my blog and sometimes a post will get me so wet I can feel my boxers cling to my body and get soaked through.

I dream about a male coworker walking in and pushing his pants down to fuck me from behind. My body is hot, before and after I jerk off and I have to run cold water over my wrists and splash it in my face before returning to work. Keep reading. JavaScript is required to view this site.

Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. The air was pushed out of her lungs as her mind reeled, the fullness she felt overwhelming her senses as every ridge and bump on his cock sent shivers running up her spine.

She fell forwards, the feeling running throughout her body too much for her as she gasped for air, yet no sooner had she fallen, another cock met her as it was thrust into her face. The mixture of shock and breathlessness opened her jaw wider as the cock was shoved unceremoniously down her throat, sending her gagging as it pushed its was forcefully in.

Alice was completely trapped. The cock completely in her pussy held her fast one way whilst the cock down her throat held her from the other way. Alice desperately tried to struggle, the lack of air causing the feelings of pleasure coming from her pussy to multiply as the already darkened room darkened further for her. She felt both cocks begin to withdraw in union, taking the opportunity to suck precious oxygen into her starving lungs in the process, before they both slammed back into her as deep as they could go.

Alice felt pre-cum draining into her at both ends as she was crushed between them, the air once again being pushed out of her lungs as the balls collided with her chin and clit respectively.

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Giant jenny simpson fetish tube jenny simpson femdom Once again the cocks withdrew before pounding in again, the wave of pleasure becoming more and more pronounced with each crush and thrust.

Alice gagged on the cock in her throat, prompting yet another thrust from both, her pussy tensing with each cough. Again, the cocks pounded into her, and again the slap of the balls against her clit sent pleasure spiralling up her body in more and more goose bumps. Alice weakly moaned, her voice being instantly lost into the cock down her throat. Tears formed in her eyes as she gagged once more, the lack of oxygen causing her to writhe as hands on the back of her head held the cock firmly down her throat.

She spluttered onto the cock, the blackness around the edges of her vision closing inwards until only the coloured lights of the club remained. She felt the cock deep in her throat tense as the one in her pussy began to thrust in and out, the cum pouring straight down into her stomach as the pushing from behind forced her deeper and deeper onto the cumming cock.

With a final pull, the cock was pulled from her dripping mouth, her saliva mixing with the cum still dripping from his cock as he used her tongue to clean himself off. All Alice could do was pant, the air feeling cold and refreshing after so long with only small gulps.

More hands began to grope at her, grabbing her neck and tits as she continued to get fucked. As her senses slowly returned, she could feel every pinch, every slap, every ridge on the cock, and the resulting waves of pleasure sent her knees weak. Her pussy was absolutely soaked with juices, lathering his cock with plenty of lubricant as it continued to fuck her roughly.

She felt the firm grip round her waist loosen as they moved to her shoulders, pulling her into him with each hard thrust. It all became too much, as suddenly her vision exploded with colour as she began to cum, her body tensing as she moaned hard. Her knees collapsed from under her as she fell to the floor, the cock following her down and continuing to thrust as the girl convulsed with pleasure.

Her fingers and toes began to curl as the orgasm grew and changed, the repeated thrusts serving only to accentuate the bursts of pleasure rushing throughout her body. The tensing of her pussy proved too much for the cock, as she felt it push deep into her before beginning to cum. A warmth spread deep inside of her as she felt him cum directly onto her cervix, nature already beginning to take its course.

He climbed off her, the ring remaining until he was fully ready and her clothes had been adjusted back to normal before they dissipated back into the crowd. She was found by her housemates and was carried home and put to bed, her mind reeling. It was 2 months before she suddenly dropped out of university, the baby growing inside of her belly.

She never did find out who the father was…. Female high school students whose sexual experience is still immature, how can she feel comfortable when the massage dildo is stimulated her vagina. Slight resistance is inevitable. Please send a email to tumbex. Settings Layout Type Grid List. Display info. Theme Light Dark.

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Alice took another swig of alcohol, her mind telling her to just dance and find her friends later. Alice thought desperately of how to escape. Display info. More hands began to grope at her, grabbing her neck and tits as she continued to get fucked.

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  1. The slight swelling of a belly, the soreness, maybe morning sickness and how should you even know that someone secretly knocked you up in your sleep?
  2. She felt the bulge of his cock pressing hard against her through his trousers, the size making her involuntarily wet as the exchange continued.
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  7. She felt the firm grip round her waist loosen as they moved to her shoulders, pulling her into him with each hard thrust.
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