My Wife Wants To Watch Me

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All of a sudden Betsy jerked her short dress up and squatting down, started undoing Jim's pants. Hopefully, your pleasures will out weight your regrets. The next evening when Jim came home from work, I had dinner ready and greeted him with a kiss. So she could watch the act of two men together. When he would tell me about his sexual experience, it would just make me want to pleaae the f out of him. Maybe you should try the bingo club. She told me it's optional for her to participate.

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Hi there! I'm like your wife, in that I'm really into watching my SO with someone else. My boyfriend and I recently opened up our relationship. He'll probably do it with her in private, at least at first, and hopefully come back with some videos. I'll want to hear every detail about how it went. Eventually, I want to find a girl who will be okay with me watching them have sex.

It's such a turn on for me because my boyfriend is so hot and it's so fun to watch him pleasure another girl, knowing that he'll come home to me, his queen. Personally, I used to allpw my ex bf f other women. It was such a turn on for me. When he would tell me about his sexual experience, it would just make me want to pleaae the f out of him.

Ive watched my wife with another man and it really is awesome. I think it would be great to watch my wife with anotger woman's husband while she wants to watch too. Medical treatment??? Wow thanks for that important info Doctor vanity , excellence,prefect, holier than thou Iccouple, We are a happily married swinging couple.

My wife likes watching me having sex with other women as well. In which region do you reside? May be we can exchange contact details. And see if everybody is comfortable with that. Giving that sort of advice must mean you are highly educated, i dont think anyone could rhink as clearly. Maybe you should try the bingo club. Im sure they are dying to get such detailed advice.

Well a lot of men. Will try to do something to place there wife's. But it's asking a lot from your Husband's. I know this because my wife asked me repetitively to have sex with a man. So she could watch the act of two men together. I told her she needed to get a movie and watch it.

She kept saying that she wanted to see me with a man having sex. Well I finally gave in to her wishes. Our marriage lasted for about 10 more years.

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Sasha grey gangbang behind the scenes min putas en linea Ask me if it was worth it. At first glance I was younger than. And I wanted to make her happy. But in the end did nothing to keep us together for life. I would never do it again. I have experience the wonderful act and we all love the experience.

My wife wanted it and fantasies about it a very long time. Finally, it happen. Being a great lover, most wives of such fantasies about it. She drove herself wild in excitement. A tremendous turn on for both parties both ways. I get turned on like crazy when she's been with another guy and she does when I've been with another woman. We tell each other the details and then please each other again and again.

In a society that cries for diversity, there will be those who fight against the other sides desires. In some cultures, your lifestyle would warrant death. One lapse in judgement could result in the community turning against you. Beware, starting over can be devastating if the community rejects your lifestyle.

Jim looked at me with a grin before taking my hand, "Okay then, deal. It had Hal and Betsy's phone number on it. I dialed the number and was thankful that Betsy answered. Betsy and I carried on a cordial conversation for a while before I finally asked if they would like to get together. She was bubbling with excitement and couldn't accept our invitation fast enough.

Putting my hand over the receiver I whispered to Jim, "Yes, they want to meet. I agreed and saying our goodbyes, hung up the phone. I put on my wicked smile for Jim before teasing "Between you and me, I think Betsy has the hots for this! Jim giggled and then teased me, "Between you and me, I think Hal wants to watch that nice ass of yours jiggle while you walk in front of him again!

We got ready and left for the two or so hour drive to Hal and Betsy's cabin in the woods. We arrived around 3: I gave Hal a hug, Betsy doing the same to Jim. We carried our bag into the house and went out on the deck overlooking the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Hal already had the grill fired up and the steaks ready to put on. Betsy hadn't changed much with the exception of having her hair cut a little shorter since the first time we had met.

She still had that nice figure, a pair of big firm tits on her 5'4" frame and those large green eyes sparkled. Hal was his usual self, warm and friendly. He was 6'3" tall his reddish-brown hair just a little longer than he had it before but it looked good on him. The steaks finally were done and we sat down to eat our meal while continuing or conversations.

Hal was the first one to break the ice so to speak when he came right out and asked, "What did you guys have in mind? Hal and Betsy both beamed and agreed whole heartedly with our request. I had taken a nice hot bath before leaning home so just brushed my teeth after eating as usual. I made a quick makeup and hair check before joining Betsy in the bedroom.

Betsy was slightly blushing when she asked "What kind of clothes does Jim like to see a woman dressed in? I pulled the sexy clothing I had brought for the evening out of my bag and Betsy and I proceeded to dress for the men. I marveled at her hour-glass figure as she pulled silk stockings up her legs fastening them to her black garter belt.

Her ass was slightly bigger than mine but looked firm and I almost embarrassed myself for thinking that this was the first time in my life that I ever had the urge to reach out and grab another woman by the ass just to see what if felt like! Shaking my head I continued dressing in my garters and hose. Taking Betsy's advise, I left off panties and bra.

I pulled on a long dress made of thin material which I hoped would cling to my ass so Hal could watch it as I walked. I pulled my heels on and was ready. Betsy wore garters, hose, thong panties and bra, all black. She pulled on a dress also, though hers was much shorter but also made of a think material.

Pulling on her heels we made a final check in the mirror and went back out to join the guys. I turned to Hal and wrapped my arms around his neck again giving him a kiss. Betsy must have taken it as her signal because she slowly walked over to Jim and put her arms around his neck. I heard her whisper to Jim, "And what about you, do you like me like this?

Now that the formalities were over we all settled down to some serious necking and groping. Hal wasted no time in reaching down behind me, pulling up my dress and started squeezing my ass while his tongue explored the inside of my mouth. My back was toward Betsy and Jim and I felt their eyes on us. I reached down between Hal and myself to lay my hand on the already hard bulge in Hal's pants.

He moaned into my mouth as I gave the shaft a squeeze before slowly rubbing my hand up and down its length. Pulling his mouth from mine, Hal let go of my ass and took one tit in each hand to squeeze and knead. I took the opportunity to look over at Jim and Betsy to find Jim's hands all over her ass rubbing and squeezing the big round orbs as she ground her crotch into his.

Their mouths were glued together in a hot kiss; I could see their tongues working in each other's mouth. Hal feeling that I had no bra on, pulled on strap of my dress off my shoulder exposing one of my tits for him to squeeze and leaning down, took an erect nipple in his mouth to suck on.

I pulled the other strap off letting the top of my dress fall down around my waist. Hal then took the other tit in his hand and began to suck one then the other while squeezing them. I was still watching Jim and Betsy in their passionate embrace. All of a sudden Betsy jerked her short dress up and squatting down, started undoing Jim's pants.

She got the zipper down, unhooked the belt and jerked them down around his ankles. Jim wears no underwear so his big hard cock sprang out right in Betsy's face. She quickly grabbed the thick member and began to jerk on it before leaning forward to pull it into her mouth. From the way Betsy's jaws were puckered in, I could tell she was giving my husband a good hard blow job.

She had one hand wrapped around the shaft pumping away while her head bobbed back and forth on the big purple head. She appeared to be an expert cock sucker! Not wanting to neglect Hal, I started fumbling at his jeans first getting the zipper down and undoing his belt before letting them fall. He quickly jerked them completely off, removing his shorts as well. I immediately grabbed his blood engorged cock and started pumping on it.

I pulled my dress up with one hand before squatting down like Betsy to give Hal a good cock sucking also. Now Jim could see me sucking Hal's cock while getting his own sucked. I would glance over at him now and then catching him watch us as well. After a few minutes, Hal pulled me to my feet and leading me to the sofa, sat down pulling me down on top of him. I sat in his lap, my feet dangling off the side as he kissed me while letting his hand begin to feel the wetness between my legs.

May be we can exchange contact details. My wife wanted it and fantasies about it a very long time. Change picture Your current user avatar, all sizes: I have fantasy about to watch my wife having sex with black man and its tur Sharing and watching your wife. She began to moan softly while riding Jim's cock, her up and down rhythm became faster and more intense, her ass bouncing and jiggling in his lap. Hearing and seeing his wife experience such a climax was all it took to send Hal over the edge.

My wife wants to watch me having sex with another woman. She told me it's o...:

I was still watching Jim and Betsy in their passionate embrace. I let my wife enjoy sex with bigger size men because I love her. We got ready and left for the two or so hour drive to Hal and Betsy's cabin in the woods. My wife wanted it and fantasies about it a very long time. Betsy's groaning became even louder as she neared her orgasm and I opened my eyes long enough to see her flopping her ass down on Jim's cock and yelling each time her ass bounced in his lap until she let out a long, drawn out yell, then screaming that she was "Cuuuuuummmmiiiinnnnnggggg! Ali and Zara Dont know how to send private details here? Love my wife, but want sex with another woman.

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