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Now as the superheroes Hawkman and Hawkgirl, they use Nth metal and powerful wings to defy gravity and protect humanity, while battling their sworn enemy, the Gentleman Ghost, and his sexy accomplice, Black Canary Tasha Reign. See girls like successful men. Exclusive Offers! Answered Mar 11, Geek and Gamer Girls extended version on YouTube. Anastasia Pierce. Man of Steel XXX.

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Favorites 0. Naked Truth Best Of List. Absolutely Super: Batman XXX Studio: Wicked I don't think I've ever seen a superhero parody that so perfectly captures the spirit of its source material - the music, the goofiness, the dialogue and acting - and it makes for a great time.

Even the speeded-up Batmobile and the film editing are dead on, and the performances by Dale DaBone as a dour Batman, Evan Stone as the spastic Riddler and the irrepressible Randy Spears as the Joker bring back the pre-Dark Knight sixties iteration of the Caped Crusader perfectly. Exquisite Multimedia Extreme Comixxx has a slightly different take on the parody than Axel Braun does - a little more whimsical.

Braun's efforts vary depending on who's funding him, but Exquisite's are more consistent. This one owes a little more to the sixties than the oughts, and has a sterling performance by Sunny Lane as Batgirl, backed up by Lizzy Borden, Amber Rayne, Phoenix Marie, Aiden Starr and Aurora Snow, with a solid cast of porn studs to provide the meat.

Oh, and a cameo from Ron Jeremy. There's no iconic Batgirl from pop culture for us to measure her against, so I say we use Sunny as the standard from now on. Vivid You'd think there would be more Wonder Woman porn; as the single most recognizable female superhero ever, she's ripe for the attention.

Imagine the BDSM potential of the lasso of truth, or the voyeuristic opportunities inherent in an invisible plane. Still, it's probably best that she hasn't been watered down, and that this Axel Braun piece is, if not unique, at least a rarity. Stars the incomparable Kimberly Kane as Wonder Woman, and also has both Claire Robbins and Ash Hollywood - for those three, I'd watch a porn version of the phone book, whatever that means.

Finishes up with Wonder Woman banging Superman, which is just as it should be. Vivid The impossibly super Ryan Driller takes on the gritty 21st century mantle of the Man of Steel, leaving behind previous iterations in favor of a darker, more suited-to-hardcore persona. Supes goes up against various DC villains and mentions plenty more, and Driller chews on the scenery in a story of the Big Blue Boy Scout's crisis of conscience.

Vivid While it lacks the charm of some of Axel Braun's other productions, this effort does feature a steaming pile of minor Marvel characters, including Crossbones, Sin, Batroc, Diamondback, Falcon, Quicksilver and Hellcat. It's definitely more of an excuse for sexy cosplay than anything with a plot that needs to be considered, but if your taste runs to minor villains bumping uglies, this is your jam.

Batgirl Rises Studio: Anastasia Pierce Anastasia Pierce appears to be making a career out of cosplaying various hot female superheroes, a gimmick which ought to keep her in business for along time. In this case, she brings to her Batgirl impersonation a slinkiness that, while it's maybe more suited to Catwoman, is certainly not unpleasant.

Vivid Another Axel Braun joint, this one is one more in the string of not-silly superhero parodies that pace the mainstream trend. Wicked More Axel Braun get used to it , this time with a matchup that has only recently reached the big screen in the mainstream, but which has been explored over and over in pretty much every other medium. Everybody wants to see Batman kick the shit out of Superman, all the time.

For my money, porn hasn't even begun to fully explore the potential inherent in Superman as a porn character - imagine a movie just focusing n the difficulties of having sex with Earth women - but if you liked Ryan Driller as Superman before, you'll like him again. Exquisite Multimedia Exquisite takes on Captain America's return to the world stage after seventy years in ice, and it's fun, if less erious than the Wicked take.

It's gritty and grim, and starts off with the Joker essentially raping Batgirl while her father watches, then shooting her. Not light fare. Still, even if it's kind of dark, it represents a new generation of people putting in some effort, and the sincerity shows. Pornstar Superheroes Studio: Elegant Angel From the dark recesses of Gotham, we step into something a little different.

Don't be foooled by the Blade Runner crawl at the beginning - this one, an unusually plot-heavy effort from Elegant Angel, isn't about any of your standard superheroes in particular, so I don't know if it's really a parody; instead, it's an original ish take on the genre itself, with a set of Nazi-experiment superheroes called the Metahumans using telekinesis, energy channeling, and other powers to get laid.

I mean, that's what it amounts to. Vivid Starring the immensely likeable Xander Corvus as the Webbed Wonder, this one is a little more lighthearted than a lot of Axel's efforts, but then Spider-Man is a goofier superhero than a lot of them. Also starring Ash Hollywood, Capri Anderson, Sarah Shevon, Brooklyn Lee and Tara Lynn Foxx, it's a little hurried, but it also doesn't waste time with an origin story, and dopes p[rovide a fantastic take on the upside-down kiss in the rain scene.

I'm sure you can imagine how. Supergirl XXX Studio: Exquisite Multimedia The very last Kryptonian, Supergirl, is getting sent off after her kinsman when one last remnant of Krypton blows up, and these are her adventures.

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Men sucking women boobs A little cheesy, a little cartoony, Supergirl XXX is a fun ride. Highlights include Supergirl's sorority initiation.

Vivid Everybody wants to see Batman kick the shit out of Superman, but Superman vs. Spider-man isn't really a marquee matchup. Aside from the fact that they're owned by different media giants - for now, at least - and thus are difficult to situate in the same universe, let alone town, it's just not that much of a fight. Still, porn takes us to some strange places, and it's always nice to see something new.

Vivid Avoiding the uncomfortable and probably impossible-to-depict-in porn teenage years in which Superman discovers his X-ray vision and nightly blows holes in the ceiling of his bedroom, Superman XXX takes us directly to the General Zod years, with Zoe Voss, Hef Pounder and Ben English starring as the evil trio.

Ryan Driller is, of course, Superman, in the first of his to date four appearances in the role. Vivid The Incredible Hulk is the only major superhero whose persona is just a pure manifestation of an uncontrolled id, so he's a natural for porn; with sexual frustration as the trigger for the subconscious eruption, and with the legendarily overmuscled Lee Stone as the monster, this one must have practically written itself.

Vivid It was just a matter of time until mutants got the porn parody treatment, courtesy of Axel Braun and Vivid Entertainment Geek and Gamer Girls Sing Out. Retrieved from " https: Hidden categories: Webarchive template wayback links Use mdy dates from January Articles with hAudio microformats Articles to be expanded from January All articles to be expanded Articles using small message boxes.

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And geeks are not a different species. They maybe a bit different but doesn't mean they don't have heart. And everyone likes a good heart not only girls. Related Questions What qualifies someone as a "geek"? What are the characteristics of geeks? Geeks and Geek Culture: What are some of the Geekiest proposals? Why do so many geeks have goatees? What are some amazing things about geeks?

Why don't Indian girls like computer geeks? How can I approach my crush? What's the core spirit of geek? What is the actual meaning of geek? How are coder geeks? Related Questions Why are geeks single? What qualifies someone as a "geek"?

Helpful to a main character, arguably more appealing than herself? Exquisite Multimedia The very last Kryptonian, Supergirl, is getting sent off after her kinsman when one last remnant of Krypton blows up, and these are her adventures. OMG, lets not talk about it. Geek and Gamer Girls extended version on YouTube. I like to talk them more. But I genuinely respect the intelligent geeks.

Absolutely Super: The 30 Best Superhero Parodies of All Time:

Geek and Gamer Girls extended version on YouTube. I'd be a self confessed geek. Favorites 0. Randy Spears even grew a mustache to paint over with make-up.

Aside from the fact that they're owned by different media giants - for now, at least - and thus are difficult to situate in the same universe, let alone town, it's just not that much of a fight. Overcome with grief at the site of her body, Prince Khufu took his own life. Once free, he must fight the evil Mandarin, save the world, and get laid. Why is it hard to find a geek girl?

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