Grandma And Grandpa Sex Stories

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She came over to me and told me to suck it off. It was great! I took grandpas soft dick into my mouth and with air sucked it in and out of my mouth. I was mortified. Can't speak for Angie, of course, even though I did see her eyes ogling our grandad's mighty dick once or twice while out swimming. I left that small town about six in the evening and arrived home by about nine thirty. He was now the euphoric one.

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It was a mere three hours from and it was only noon on Saturday. I stopped for a bite to eat and took a short nap in the car afterward. I left that small town about six in the evening and arrived home by about nine thirty. I knew I was home early and I probably should have called ahead to give my grandparents warning of my arrival.

I am so glad that I did not. The dogs greeted me at the car and it brought the biggest smile to my face to see the mutts again. It was the happiest I had felt in weeks. I walked in and flopped on the couch, assuming I could wait until morning to greet my family.

I fell asleep in short seconds. I woke in a slight daze. I had to use the bathroom and solemnly headed for the john. I walked right in without knocking and was surprised to see grandma buck naked taking a leak. I was incredibly embarrassed and immediately left the wash closet with my head down and my eyes crossed.

Within a minute she exited with a towel wrapped around her and let me use the bathroom. By the time I came out both her and my grandfather were in the kitchen making coffee. We exchanged pleasantries and I found out that it was already Sunday morning. Both mentioned the fact that the house was not clean enough as they had planned to clean for the day of my arrival.

I told them not to worry and that I wanted to rest the day away anyway. By the time Monday came my grandmother awoke me.

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I was well rested and happy to be in the cozy blankets that covered my naked body. Granny sat at the edge of the bed with her hand on top of the blankets caressing my leg to awaken me. I was exposed.

It was by far the most humiliating moment of my life. My soldier was a full attention for the morning salute and my grandmother was nearly touching it. I was mortified. I slowly got dressed and forced myself down the stairs and into the kitchen. The table was set and the food smelled fantastic.

We ate in silence for a few minutes, stuffing our faces and only taking a break for coffee or juice. When we were all finished eating grandma took our plates to the sink and grandpa and I exchanged meaningless small talk. I could only stare. He was seriously asking the question about my dream.

It was not a joking question. I was confused, embarrassed and upset. I was confused because granddad never talked like that, ever. I was upset because I could not bring myself to answer him. What was wrong with me was the only thought I could muster. I stayed in bed alone for a long time before I regained the confidence to go back into the living room.

Are you willing do a couple of chores? Work on a farm is difficult and we busted ass to get the chores done. We made short work of it all and got it all taken care of in a couple of hours. On the walk back in my granddad and I had a heart to heart talk. He started by saying he was sorry about that morning and that he was only being curios.

We talked about my relationships and about my breakup, about classes and the workload. By the time we got home we were talking about money and I learned that when they sold the farm they had sold it for a huge profit. They were going to pay for the rest of my school and still have plenty to retire on. I asked if there was any way I could ever thank them and he only said that he would find a way.

Back at the house we cracked a couple of beers and Gran had some wine. We talked through the night about my problems and both of them consoled me and made me feel much better just the way perfect grandparents should. A day or two went by without much excitement.

On Thursday night I got up to go to the bathroom and as I walked by my grandparents room and heard funny noises coming from their room. The door was slightly cracked and I could just see inside grandpa was on top of grandma at the edge of the bed. She was on her back with her feet in the air. I was appalled, yet I could not look away.

My gramps was eating out my granny and they both loved it. Within a few minutes he began to mount her. I fled the scene. In the bathroom I thought of them, of what I just saw. Those slightly illuminated bodies that were glistening with the sweet sweat of sex. The soft growling moans replayed in my head over and over again.

Her perfect tits shined in my eyes like beacons that I wanted only to play with, her soft white belly wrinkled yet toned. I could see her soft eyes and could almost hear her telling me to eat her out the way she could demand anything. I could picture her hands wrinkly and old, but soft and strong. My grip was her grip and it tightened as I pictured her grasping me and stroking as she convulsed.

It became too much for me and I created a mess on myself standing above the toilet. My sperm got everywhere as I exploded in sweet orgasm. I had not planned on this. Semen was on everything. My shorts, shirt, and even the toilet and ground received ample amounts. Normally cleanup is a breeze with a tissue, but this was different.

I needed to clean a lot before someone else needed the only bathroom in the house. I scrounged for things to clean my clothes with I was bent over the sink scrubbing away when a knock came at the door. It was granny. Then it hit me. I did not clean up the toilet or the floor. I ran back toward the bathroom, but it was too late.

Granny was already headed out. I stopped short and only stared at her as she held up her hand. My cum was dripping from it as she glared at me. I followed her into the dining room and she forced me to sit down next to her. This was my new all time embarrassment. She only sat and stared for what seemed like forever. I was blown away. She wanted me to lick my own semen off of her hand.

She forced her hand closer to my face. My mouth fell ajar as she started to fume. I could not force my jaw shut as she kept it open with her other hand. Her fingers entered my mouth and she closed my jaw waiting for me to swallow. It tasted salty and was so repulsive than I began to gag.

She removed her fingers and wiped my saliva on my shirt. The next day I did not see grandma as I had a lot of chores to do and she went to town for the day. Near the end of the day grandpa George asked me to chat with him about a hard subject for him. We went into the den and he had a small box in his hand, but I could not tell what it was.

Turns out you did until it came time to clean up afterward. I only shook my head no. It was the youngest I have felt in years and I did not even have these last night. I said no and ran for cover to my room. I left the house for the weekend and did not come home despite the calls I received. My mind was glued on that conversation.

He wanted me to watch. I debated for the entire weekend what I would say when I got home. They were probably worried and I was the cause. I got back very late on Monday night. They were both still on the couch waiting for me. They both hugged me when I walked in. After a few minutes we went into the den to talk. They both left the room and did not come back for quite a while.

For three days we barely spoke. Eventually, I thought it was over. About halfway into summer I walked by their room and heard noises. The door was open and the light was on. I walked in wanting to talk. I wanted things back the way they were. When I walked in both of them were under the blanket.

I sat in the chair in the corner but I could not talk only watch, and yearn for someone to speak. They looked at each other and nodded. The blanket flew into the air. Both of them were in sexy underwear. Granny walked over to me. Otherwise our relationship with you will be terrible for the rest of our lives.

You can watch, for now. She shook her hips and started a lap dance for me. Slowly taking off her over-shirt and exposing her long, soft legs and red stockings that reached up to her sexy girdle. Granddad placed his hand on my shoulder as we took in the view. Slowly he got in front of my. He took off his skin tight shirt slowly and spun it over his head grinding into my leg as he did.

I was attracted to both to my surprise. He turned around and slowly took off his boxers while bending over. He was completely naked. Granny approached me again. She stripped her girdle and suspenders, but kept the sexy stockings on, her bra was off. She leaned in close. But grandpa did. He approached again and swung his small cock back and forth. He dangled it above my leg. He squatted slightly and his dick was resting on my shorts.

Granny bent down to it and kissed it. Her head was mere inches from my own covered member. She tugged at my shorts and removed them slowly. Grandpa pulled my shirt free. I was unprotected now. No clothes to hide behind. My mind raced. Grandpa now rested his penis on my exposed knee and started to hump.

His cock was rubbing up and down my leg. I could tell he was starting to get excited. I reached out slowly. I touched it and pulled away as it jumped at me. He was definitely getting excited now. More confidently I reached out and grasped his tiny cock and pulled it toward mine.

It was weird at first to have penis flesh against my own. Granny squirted lube into my free hand and I began stroking our cocks simultaneously. I was fully erect while he was almost completely limp. I shoved him back, letting my sexual desire force my actions.

I wanted that pussy, but in order to get it I had to pleasure him. I pushed him onto the bed. I placed my head between his legs and slowly bent toward his penis. The head was white and larger than the rest of it. His dick smelled like the lemon lube that I had used a moment ago.

Even though this took me completely by surprise, I didn't really mind. I figured I had nothing to hide from my grandparents as far as my sex life goes, I was never a shy kid and definitely not among my nudist grandparents. Most likely, whatever I'd experienced by now, they'd experienced tenfold or more.

Pretty soon the two of us were candidly talking about sex, like a couple of high school buddies. A smirk came across his face, not an evil and sinister grin but like he had something on his mind. You've touched a pair of nice, big ole titties, haven't you son? Usually not the shy type, I suddenly felt my cheeks redden and blush. Up until now, the questions had been fairly innocent in a "guy to guy" sort of way, but now they took a U-turn in a big way.

I started to fidget in the boat, but with a couple of minutes left until we'd make landfall, there was nowhere to run and hide. It's like slipping your pecker in a tight velvet sack. And there's nothing quite like it when she uses her hands to massage your balls while going down on you, I can cum gallons when she starts to play with them.

She likes to take all of it in her mouth too, and just drink it all down. I love your grandma, son. I can't say that I wasn't turned on by it though, but in a way this was all too much to take in. One moment grandpa was talking about different types of fish, and one moment he was talking about what he and grandma like to do when they get down and dirty.

And in explicit detail as well. I couldn't quite figure out what was on his mind. There's not a cloud in the sky! Grilled fish sounds kind of good right now, I'm starving. While I was still a bit apprehensive about making eye contact, I could see out of the corner of my eye that grandpa was watching me and smiling as we made our way towards the shore.

My nervousness was wearing off the closer to land we got, but I hadn't been more turned on in my life. On the car ride back home, grandpa soon started to talk about "regular" things. Everything from sports to politics to just everyday normal life and its ups and downs. I started to lower my guard, relax a bit, and pretty soon it felt like everything was back to normal.

We pulled onto the driveway and I headed for the front door, with our big bucket of fish in my hand, when all of a sudden my grandpa called out to me. We tip toed around the back, carefully enough so that we wouldn't trample grandma's cherished tulips, and made our way to the back door.

Grandma will be so pleased with all the fish we caught, you'll see! As my sister bent over to take the cookies out of the oven, I could swear I saw grandma caressing her butt. I wasn't totally sure though, and apparently Angie didn't notice it, but it looked as if our grandmother got shivers of pleasure just by touching her supple ass. Someone's got to start to clean and gut all of them, and it's not gonna be grandpa if you know what I mean.

That's just how grandpa's always been, he catches the fish but he doesn't like to prepare them. That's what I do. My sister and I knew all too well that it was the gospel truth. As Angela was scrubbing away on a bowl full of cookie dough leftovers, grandma Sylvia started to put all the ingredients and spices and whatnot into the cupboard next to hear.

I started to notice that every now and then, whenever grandma picked up new things to put into the cupboard, she brushed her big tits against my sisters shoulders. I wasn't that sure, but it looked to me as if she was doing it intentionally! Angie paid it no mind, and if she did, she did a hell of a job hiding it. Grandpa and I were still hiding in the shadows of the hallway, when grandma started asking all sorts of questions, most of them sex related.

You like swallowing it? When it tastes good. Are we're all pretty close, you know? Then again, most of them are pretty boring old hags! Even Angie couldn't stifle herself and burst out laughing. You know, sucked on each others boobs or eaten each others pussies? Have you had your tits sucked by another woman, dear?

Angela noticed this, intently staring at her own grandmother gently squeezing those big knockers. There was no reply, only another gasp as Angie sucked in air. She was frozen in time, but was still unable to take her eyes off grandma's big tits being rubbed. It was like she was in a trance. Touch them. Squeeze them. Suck them. Wouldn't you? Grandma moved closer to my sister, Angie didn't flinch.

Grandma reached out her hand, touching the tip of my sister's breast, gently nudging it with the tip of her finger. She cupped Angela's right breast with her hand, very gently and carefully. Angie sighed, but made no effort to remove the hand. I'm sure you've only been touched by boys.

Boys can be so rough, so crude, so forceful. Women aren't like that, at all. We can sense what the other wants, I guess it's female intuition, it just comes so natural. Too bad, things were starting to get interesting. My sister looked a bit flushed, and tried to act like nothing had happened.

Catch us any supper? If you'd be so kind to get them ready, I'll be firing up the grill and start frying them up. Then the two of you can go watch some TV or whatever, I'll call you when dinner's ready. I knew that she knew that we'd seen a lot of what took place, and she was probably more than a little embarrassed. As soon as dinner was ready, the four of us sat down and started to eat.

I thought things would be awkward and weird, but it was as if nothing had happened. Grandpa was his usually jovial self, and the rest of us were in good spirits as well. I was very excited about the possibilities of things to come, and Angie looked the same, but nothing else happened that day.

Once we had finished eating, we all cleared the table and grandpa did the dishes. Me and Angie listened to some music and read magazines, and later joined our grandparents and watched some television, but that was basically it. Nothing out of the ordinary happened, and maybe it wouldn't either. As me and my sister got ready for bed, things felt a bit weird and neither one of us was willing to open up and talk about what had happened earlier in the day.

It didn't feel bad in any way, but it was apparent that none of us were ready yet. We said good night, turned off the lights and went straight to sleep. I don't know about my sister, but I slept like a baby. Then came that fateful day, the plans were set in motion.

The four of us were out in the back yard, just kicking it back on the patio like we usually did on hot days at grandma and grandpa's. I was in my shorts and t-shirt, Angie had a pretty little red dress on and our grandparents were both more or less in the nude. Another day at the grandparents, that is, it was all natural to us.

Grandma was putting a tray of lemonade onto the table when grandpa called us both over. Teaching you that there's nothing wrong with it, that there's no shame in it, right? Trust me, it feels amazing to just walk around in your own skin like this, without having a care in the world whether or not someone's gonna see you.

What do you say, isn't it time to lose those britches now? You're both adults now, after all, no sense in covering up in shame or anything.

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Granny bent down to it and kissed it. Within a minute she exited with a towel wrapped around her and let me use the bathroom. She was licking her lips, and was moaning low.

grandpa grandma and me:

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Papa is the compassionate one and Mama is strict and commanding. More confidently I reached out and grasped his tiny cock and pulled it toward mine. As sensible people, we broke up when we went to separate colleges, little did we know it was to never see each other again. We both stood in front of grandpa Joe and grandma Sylvia, me in my briefs and Angie in her bra and panties, tugging at the edges. Intro I never thought I would be attracted to older women, but at the time I was lonely and had no prospects for a companion. Grandma and Grandpa Orgy.

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