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After watching the first RoboCop, I was really looking forward to the sequel. Now I'm not saying Robocop 3 had any big social message, but the rebels were entirely believable, Robocop's side switching was handled very well, and the whole story just gelled naturally. The franchise was slaughtered. CinemaCocoa 13 July It didn't had the freshness , depth or heart of the first one , yet the violent action and dark satire was still there. It was a gimmick, a parody, a joke. However, what should matter to most people is the story and acting.

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Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. In a dystopic and crime-ridden Detroit, a terminally wounded cop returns to the force as a powerful cyborg haunted by submerged memories.

Paul Verhoeven. Edward Neumeier , Michael Miner. From metacritic. Our Favorite Trailers of the Week. Everything Coming to Hulu in December Movie and TV Anniversaries for July Beyond the Top Best of Share this Rating Title: RoboCop 7. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Nominated for 2 Oscars.

Learn more More Like This. RoboCop 2 Action Crime Sci-Fi. Total Recall Action Sci-Fi Thriller.

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Shyla jennings sex porn hub videos RoboCop RoboCop 3 Predator Action Adventure Sci-Fi. Commando Action Adventure Thriller. Starship Troopers Humans in a fascist, militaristic future wage war with giant alien bugs. True Lies Action Comedy Thriller.

The Running Man Predator 2 Action Horror Sci-Fi. Red Heat Action Comedy Crime. Kindergarten Cop Comedy Crime. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Peter Weller Lewis Dan O'Herlihy Jones Kurtwood Smith Clarence Miguel Ferrer Morton Robert DoQui Reed Ray Wise Leon Felton Perry Johnson Paul McCrane Emil Jesse D.

Joe as Jesse Goins Del Zamora Kaplan Calvin Jung Along the way Robo crashes cars, battles robot ninjas and flies through the air like a six-ton Superman. When watching ROBOCOP 3, one can't help but think the producers lazily expected the well-established Robocop brand would simply sell itself this time around.

Making matters worse, they tried to move away from a more adult-style of action and sci-fi and deliver something you might watch with older kiddies. I mean, robot ninjas??? What is this, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers? This thing even attempts to deliver a do-the-right-thing message, but the whole effort is so muddled and ridiculous it can't succeed nor should a movie like this even try.

I am willing to cut movies a lot of slack, but this one's a stinker. No wonder Robo was reduced to a cheap Canadian-filmed TV series following this disaster. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. I mean how do you go from solid R rated flicks to a PG 13? Now this film shows the fall of OCP, and many people jumping out of windows or shooting themselves.

Ironically that's what anyone viewing this film would want to do. Which is why they don't have theatres on the top of buildings. Firstly if you don't like Robocop at all, then obviously leave this alone, if you've never seen Robocop, watch the first film, then come back and read the rest of this.

Robocop started out as a hard ass cyborg, you simply wouldn't mess with He even helped spawn a video game, in which he fought the Terminator, you've got to be Tough to be mentioned in the same breath as a Terminator - you get the point, he was hard and, he was portrayed by Peter Weller, who did a good job.

In number 2, Peter Weller was still there and Robocop was still fun and still tough, even if it wasn't a great movie. However, now on to the third film, take my advice and miss it, even for Robocop fans, there little here to enjoy, and this is why.

Also Robocop is now as weak as a kitten, and Oh yes, and he can fly now too, Yawn! Robocop saves Sesame Street mjtonino 4 April This is the worst possible turn the series could take. Form the violence in the first movie and the mindless violence in the second, the third movie is suddenly as lame as possible.

First off, let me say I don't understand why people find this third movie a better movie then the second. Because it tries a story line with a little more thought in it? True perhaps, but that's all it's got going for it. One painfull moment follows the other. I like lists, so let's list some. It shows that their instructions were just "run in that direction and act mean, but for crying out loud, don't hurt yourselves!

A lot more real , Robocop obviously not weighting anymore then a normal man these days 2 of the rebels carry him and the japanese man responsible for the killing can just walk around among his victims, never in danger. And do I even have to mention the flying he's doing? Add unmemorable villains and not one engaging action sequence and this movie has really nothing going for it.

The decission to have no blood in the movie is almost funny when they have no trouble having a couple of suicides in the story. The story itself, isn't that worth it then, one might say? Let's just say it's impressive how they can make an almost epic theme reminding of the holocaust so incredible boring and unadmospheric. I certainly didn't care for any character, that's for sure.

At least Robocop 2 had action and humour going for it. Robocop 3 is an 'insult' to the classic original. First of all, the character of Robocop is played by someone else and the result is just plain embarrassing. The film is very soft on violence, which was a poor decision on the director's part because the original film is notorious for its excessiveness and loved by fans.

A PG-RATED Robocop is just a desperate attempt to cash in on the wider audience, which proves that the film was made by profiteers, rather than film-makers. This film is so bad, it's literally dripping with cheese. Robocop flying is an unintentional funny moment in the film and the part where Robocop drives a car off a bridge and lands on all four wheels, is just plain ridiculous.

This film was the nail in the Robocop franchise's coffin. I honestly wish that it had never been made. The Robocop idea went far enough with number 2. The third installment is just awful. Peter Weller had sense enough to stay away from this set. I enjoyed the first, thought the second was OK but hated this one. This story was contrived and the acting abysmal. When I began to watch this I had a feeling it was going to stink and sure enough, it did!

Don't bother with this one. Righty ho, what went on here then? I can't believe they made this and saw fit to release it! It lacks nearly everything the original Robocop had Robocop 1 had ED Rococop 2 had the huge vicious psycho cyborg Cain. Robocop 3 had a samurai robot that looked like a normal guy and if you managed to get a decent hit on him he would break like a dodgy little action figure!

The director must have realised that this was a bad move half way through making the movie so he added a few more of these unmemorable villains to make up for the fact he didn't have a big impressive killer robot in it and failed miserably. Sorry but that sums it all up for me. There is of course a load of other faults that i won't go in to but that was the main fault when i watched it.

A few little cool bits in this movie but the bad far outweighs the good. If this hadn't been so sucky we would have probably got treated to a Robocop 4! Robocop 3 was an unwanted sequel that helped killed a studio and sat on the shelf for over two years. Why was this movie made? Who knows, it didn't make a dime and the film makers tried to make him kid friendly which killed the series in the process.

The movie was so unwanted that Peter Weller didn't want to reprise his role of Officer Murphy for a third time. Whilst the second film was extremely dark and depressing, the third installment swung wildly in the other direction. Two wrongs don't make a right. The director and writer Fred Dekkar should have known better. He made a couple of fun and watchable movies in the past.

What ever made them click misfired on all cylinders in this boring and safe for the family sequel. Well, this movie killed it's box office draw. Nobody wanted to see a kid friendly Robocop. The next time it appeared was on the small screen in two syndicated television programs.

Neither raised a big stink and Robocop went back into mothballs. A shame really because Robocop was cool. Hell, part two is a classic compared to this celluloid tripe. Recommended for die-hard Robocop fans. Other need not apply, except children who want to see Robocop in action. When I was very little, I became a fan of the first 2 Robocop films. So when I heard they were going to release a third movie, I couldn't wait.

Then I saw the movie, and couldn't believe what I had just saw. I was terrible. The story was actually good and could have worked. But they had to do what ruins a lot of other movies: It also featured a very horribly written character of a robot ninja. And without Peter Weller from the first two movies, this movie just wasn't the same.

And a PG rating? The whole point of the Robocop movies was to make some of the most violent and swear-filled movies you'll ever see. So my advice to you would be to watch the first two Robocop films, and pretend this one was never made. Before I begin, let me get this out in the open: Robocop 3 is easily the worst movie of the trilogy.

OK, now the rest of the review. Though this is the worst movie of the series, Robocop 3 manages to find a way to redeem itself be it intentionally or unintentionally by being incredibly cheesy, and ultimately a load of fun! The film doesn't even really seem to be a direct continuation of the series, though it does reference the first movie several times via flashbacks.

The story is just about as dull as it could get, and the acting leaves much to be desired. Not to mention, the one saving grace this film could have had special effects does nothing to help save the movie from falling to "B-Movie" status. I'm not sure why Peter Weller was not brought back for this one, but I think he was wise to avoid it. Robocop has been reduced to cheesy one-liners, and badly choreographed fight scenes.

However, I think this adds to the movie's charm. The film seems to take a very tongue-in-cheek look into the world of Robo, and this saves it from being a complete failure. Also, it seems as if the writers or director were watching a lot of Japanese anime, one of the main villains in the film is a ninja who is seemingly unstoppable; many of his scenes are so stylized you'd swear you're watching an anime.

Rip Torn also adds to the film's silliness as the head of the corrupt corporation, OCP. He makes the main conflict in the film not even seem threatening due to the fact that he isn't menacing at all. Overall I'd say this film is more of a comedy than a sci-fi flick. It contains so many cheesy moments that it's best enjoyed with a small group of friends my close friend opined once "This is what Mystery Science Theater was made for," how right he was.

If you are a fan of the series because of the grittiness and realism displayed in the first, avoid this entry. However, if you're looking for a good cheesy popcorn style sci-fi film, by all means, get some friends together and have fun! This film was made to be laughed at!

Now I won't say that Robocop 3 is the mega disaster that a lot of reviewers call it. I mean Robocop 3 lost the benefit of being an eighties action film so granted the violence and foul language would be toned down because suddenly the political correctness of the 90's was in full swing. So that meant making Robocop more family friendly.

They also lost Peter Weller from the lead which I didn't realize how great he was as Robocop until he wasn't him anymore. I have to wonder if screenplay writer Frank Miller was angry at the creators of Robocop so he spun this tale as a cruel prank because Miller is no slouch at writing, he is a legendary comic writer , Sin City, X-Men, etc.

All of the dark gritty atmosphere is pretty much gone from the original film, the tongue in cheek political humor is gone as well despite some off attempts to do exactly that. And it is true what reviewers have said that Robocop has suddenly become a complete weakling. He spends so much of the film repeatedly falling on his robo butt and trying to get back up.

He's lost all of his cool factor, all of his heavy hitting super hero instincts. He just doesn't seem to have a handle on the character and doesn't give as much effort as Peter Weller did. Maybe it's because the first two films were so much better but Burke just isn't cut out for Robocop and spends most of his time trying to get back up on his feet. Torn is a decent actor but he doesn't seem to have near the screen presence that Dan O'Herlihy had in the original films.

They do mention The Old Man several times so to close his portion of the story. He's okay, a little strung out and insane but decent enough. He doesn't hold a candle to previous villains in the series. Nancy Allen returns thankfully as Robocop's partner Lewis and the film does give her character something of closure so I give them kudos for that.

Robert DoQui also returns for his third go around as Sergeant Reed and for the first time in the three films he really gets into the action which is terrific. Jill Hennessy joins the cast as Dr. Marie Lazarus who personally takes care of Robocop. Her performance is a little bland as she often is in her roles.

It's a big cast with some decently memorable faces but I can't cover them all here. So here is why Robocop 3 is NOT the disastrously horrendous film that some make it out to be. It also brings back some of the familiar faces from the series and gives closure to the story on Lewis although her and Burke just don't have the chemistry that her and Weller had as partners.

The story is decent enough and simple enough to follow but it just doesn't hold up to the previous two films. The entire aspect of Robocop flying is so ridiculous and they surely had to know that it was ridiculous. If it ain't broke don't fix it and they do fix the unbroken recipe which essentially ruins the series. It is true that Robocop 3 was a fall from grace and this film felt like the quality of a TV Movie which is maybe why all future Robocop installments hit Television.

A rather bland disappointment. I don't care what people say. I think this film is cool. The drama in this film makes it unique amongst its predecessors, and it is much better than the likes of 'Batman: Forever' another film unique in its own franchise. They hire a mercenary group called 'Rehab' to 'escort' the people from their homes and into rehabilitation camps.

The plot is simple, but it is superior in its simplicity. It is the campy one-liners and gags that let this film down on more than one occasion. Things like RoboCop commandeering a pimp-mobile and Sergeant Reid having to deal with a drag queen prostitute are just a few of the things that had me fuming at the television screen. I'd say it is for this reason that a lot of people hate this film with such a passion.

Another reason that this repelled Robo-fans was because it had very little political satire other than the fact that the main characters were trying to beat the system for the good of the people. There is very little 'MediaBreak Advertisement' sequences, and even the ones that are shown have strong relevance to the story.

This is probably because this film is aimed squarely at children so that more action figures can be sold. However, I quite enjoyed the drama of the people rebelling against the corporate monster OCP for the rights to their own homes. I especially loved the part where even the Detroit Police Department thought that OCP had gone out of line, throwing their badges at an OCP executive, and leaving the building to go and help the civilians reclaim their homes.

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This movie is what it is, a perfect 10, because it takes the vision of one of the most imaginative directors on Earth, and realizes them almost perfectly with all the tools that fit the task. I don't blame Frank Miller for the movie being bad, everyone knows that the studio determines how a movie is made, and how it will turn out. The third installment is just awful. Action Adventure Sci-Fi. OCP turns on its own people and merges with a Japanese corporation, implementing a "rehab" military force to evict Detroit citizens so they can take over the city. Then, waited for Verehoven to come back, because when he left the magic left with him!

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Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: And without Peter Weller from the first two movies, this movie just wasn't the same. He looses his faithful partner to the evil corporation and tries to save the homeless while trying to stay together for the evil robocops that Japan has sent over. Here on Sex.

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