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Archived from the original on October 24, We honor your memory with a picture of you covered in cum. Archived from the original on November 13, He acts as a sort of dorky older brother to Elena and Alex, giving them jobs, driving them places, and doing his best to give good advice. To make up for it, he surprised Jonathan shortly after on his way back to Pensacola.

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Someone who is respected by the left and the right. Someone who uses a cat in a Santa hat as his an avatar. Someone who gets it. Someone like Jake Tapper. It's safe to say that anyone near a television at 4 p. Even though MSNBC recently announced that they're moving Alex Wagner, one of the network's biggest non-primetime names, into that time slot, it's safe to say that Tapper is too busy to really care.

He tweets, he Vines, he Instagrams, he's stepping in and keeping things running smoothly in the primetime when Erin Burnett is away. He's a tough interviewer. And, despite working for a mainstream media outlet that is not Fox News, conservatives love him for his open acknowledgement of bias in the media. This kind of media mastery is the stuff that Sunday show hosts should be made of.

Hell, this is the stuff that hosts of those legacy morning shows like Today are supposed to be made of. Look, I'm advocating for Tapper to get a Sunday show here, but assigning the guy to guest host the next time Chris Cuomo is out for extended vacay might not be a bad idea either. Tapper's exclusive election-day interview with Chris Christie positioned him as the go-to for the early Republican front runner on the road to Add his cred with conservatives to that, and Tapper could be the go-to for every Republican running for president in who wants to reach "the center.

If Tapper doesn't fit into CNN's long awaited primetime changes and Wolf Blitzer stays put in The Situation Room , Zucker and company can't possibly come up with a good reason not to get Tapper on television on Sundays. Contact Dorsey Shaw at dorsey buzzfeed. Got a confidential tip? Submit it here. Via reactiongifcollection.

Senior Writer Contact Dorsey Shaw at dorsey buzzfeed. The very next day, he hopped on the hotel shuttle along with the rest of the team and supported the little leaguers in person.

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Think about that for a moment: Angie knew her family had stumbled upon a special human being. Feel free to come see us anytime. It was Morris, asking permission to come visit on his way from Washington D.

They set dates, and Angie offered to set up hotel accommodations. He ended up staying with the Macks instead. Angie organized a team reunion so that all the boys could see Morris again. They played baseball in the backyard and had a nice picnic, complete with a cake for Morris. The guest of honor planned on staying just one night. He ended up staying for three.

Morris returned the favor and invited the Macks as his guests to Redskins training camp. Professional athletes often lose the normalcy of life that many take for granted. People usually want something from athletes, whether they directly ask for it or not.

Angie said she touches base with either Morris or his wife Lindsey at least once a week via text. Several of the players were familiar faces as they were also on the same York County All-Star team. Morris delivered a pregame speech prior to the semi-final and sat in the dugout throughout the game.

The team went on to win the tournament. To make up for it, he surprised Jonathan shortly after on his way back to Pensacola. Nicknames have replaced given names. Significant life moments — both solemn and celebratory — are shared with one another. Morris called Angie shortly after he proposed to Lindsey.

Her first call? Alfred Morris. She found comfort in his warming demeanor and background as a devout Christian. That was huge because she could have called anyone, but she called me and my wife. Angie plans on making a trip out to the Bay Area in the near future. You can bet the Macks were watching when Morris plunged into the end zone against the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 3 for what was his first touchdown as a member of the 49ers.

Thursday, Oct 11, Joe Fann Senior Reporter. He did it!! Then she decided to send Morris a text. We are so proud of you. The boys loved the celebration!

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Since Gaga did not want to restrict the music on Joanne to any particular genre, the album includes styles from dance-rock to introspective country music. Xander Bogaerts ripped a two-run double in the third, against the Houston Astros. This kid is a Gryffindor. Eduardo Nunez gets doused after lifting the Red Sox to a walk-off victory over the Marlins! You can bet the Macks were watching when Morris plunged into the end zone against the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 3 for what was his first touchdown as a member of the 49ers.

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It's a full house! Hanley has the locks flowing with a single in the first, against the Blue Jays. I love you sweetheart, with every heartbeat I have. Mitch Moreland hits a single in the third innig.

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