Fifty Shades Darker Movie Book Differences Between

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Now You Know. Flynn is nowhere to be seen. In the movie, they all go hiking without Christian, who mysteriously stays behind and chats with Taylor about files he just got on Jack. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Universal Pictures. Jamie Dornan is something of a musician himself, so it's unsurprising that the film kept this little scene. Get the Daily Inside Scoop Right in your inbox.

1. The bikini scene

It's also sad to see Mia without a potential man friend. Nope, Kim Basinger is just there with her pearls, ready to give the death stare to anyone who comes into contact with her former sub. Jack Hyde is at the masquerade ball. Did you miss him? Also, Ana has an iPhone and not a Blackberry! Christian, on the other hand, has some non-iPhone thing that could be a Blackberry or some other Android.

This is convenient because the film gets to dive right into the boat scene next. He doesn't get to surprise her on a drive to the mansion he plans to demolish and rebuild for their future. This also means Olga Kelly the realtor has also been eliminated from the film.

Poor Carrick. This could have been a fun bit to see the other party guests, including fighter pilot and Olympic gymnast Jada, who also speaks Japanese. Flynn is nowhere to be seen. I was also looking forward to meeting his wife. In the book, Mrs. For readers, the charity ball was an elaborate event filled with many, many faces, including Dr. On a more intricate note, the conversation between Ana and Elena shifts in the film.

When E. When Christian pops the question, he does so after Ana wakes him up from one of his nightmares, after which he quickly falls back asleep. In the book, both parties were fully awake for the proposal, which took place during the post-Leila argument. Furthermore, Christian later took Ana to a house that he planned to buy for them.

In the book, Ana had some explaining to do when her best friend, Kate, found one of her emails to Christian about a contract negotiation, but in the film, Kate remains blissfully in the dark. Once again, movie-Kate has less of an opinion. Home Movies Fifty Shades Darker: The second installment of the trilogy, the film is adapted from E L James's book of the same name.

The erotic, romantic drama continues to explore the relationship between recent graduate, Anastasia Steele Dakota Johnson , and billionaire entrepreneur, Christian Grey Jamie Dornan. As if navigating their relationship wasn't complicated enough, a crazy ex-girlfriend and a sexually aggressive boss complicate things. Fortunately for fans, the film sticks closely to the plot of the book, featuring a luxurious lifestyle and elaborate gifts, witty banter and demanding behavior on Christian's end anyway , and, of course, lots and lots of sex.

However, it does stray from the books in a few ways. Some small differences include less domineering and possessive behavior from Christian yes, that's actually possible , the absence of email and text exchanges which were frequent in the first film, Fifty Shades of Grey , and fewer sex scenes — they have to keep the movie under six hours somehow! To learn of some of the bigger changes, including the absence of major new characters, as well as key plot points, read our list below.

Major spoilers ahead!

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. She picks "popsicle," a somehow both silly and phallic choice, which should be enough to ruin the amorous mood, but strangely doesn't. Here are the biggest differences between the book and the movie. Everett Collection. Home Movies Fifty Shades Darker: She's furious, of course—and starts to look through all his other texts and emails.

The 'Fifty Shades Darker' Movie Vs. Book Show What Key Changes Were Made:

  1. The Fifty Shades of Grey series has never really been about plot, but that does mean that no one cares about what changes were or were not made in each book-to-movie adaptation.
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Email Address: When Ana returns home, Kate reveals that Christian emailed her his answers to each of her questions. Also—the ice cream in the movie?

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