Round Of Miss Freeones Is Over Round Begins See

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Have fun! Love this pic , and your wearing Lovely Red Panties aslo. And maybe some jiggly tits? So that's what they mean by morning glory - nice: I love all you guys soooooo much!!!! Don't Miss a Beat Stay informed of the latest developments.

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Time to vote! Let's see what we can do! Congrats to the winners of Round 2. I have already started placing my votes for Round 3. Remember guys, this is the LAST round. YOU have the power this year to make it happen! Vote everyday, show your support to your favourite girls, and make some magic happen! Vote vote vote! The only changes are: A tougher choice than I ever thought it would be, but these will be my votes throughout round I'll cast my next three sometime later today!

Congrats to all the girls for their wins in Round 2. My votes for today: But each to their own I guess. My support will not waver I couldn't be happier with the way Round 2 went!! Words really cant explain how I feel right now!!! Lets keep it going all the way to the last day guys!! Congrats to all the other winners!!!

And best of luck to all the girls who are finalists!! This really has been a lot of fun guys!!! Awesome round! So happy Kaylee Rayne won! Vote for her so she can take round 3! I'm very happy because a lot of girls for who i voted won in the second round. Here is the girl for who I voted in round 2 Miss freeones: Harley Spencer Best cam girl: Briana lee Best milf: Julia Ann Best Adult Model: My first voites of round 1.

Miss Freeones: Miss Hybrid Camgirl: Briana Lee Adult Model: Ari Dee Harley Spencer. My first voites of round 3 Miss Freeones: Maggie green Adult Model: Harley Spencer. First off congrats to all of the lovely ladies who won Round 2!! All very well deserving! I still can't believe it.

To say that I am grateful and humbled by all of the voting and support would truly be an understatement! Round 3 is the toughest and to anyone who continues to stuff my tight box, it means the world to me!! Here are some pics to kick off the week, Happy Monday! XOXO A tougher choice than I ever thought it would be, but these will be my votes throughout round Harley Spencer dbradford, those votes have meant a lot and still do every day: Oh guys, my thread in the OCSM section has made it to 69 pages!

Sexy pics were posted: As they are daily so have a lookie if you want! Cheating votes were thrown out, so the count is correct. The counter keeps counting the total amount of votes, but all girls start with ZERO votes at the beginning of a round. So everyone starts on fresh and equal vote footing.

How come no one is taking my emails to you seriously when for over 2 weeks I have told you Kaylee Rayne is hardcore and should not be in Best Adult Model. No dicks allowed for Best Adult Model is clearly stated. It is wrong that she took votes away from others that could still be in the final round, their chance of winning this have gone because she lied and you haven't acted yet.

If she can get in then Ariel Rebel also should. It needs sorting now before voting starts again. Miss Hybrid Best Adult Model: Mandy Flores. Well deserved babes well deserved. And these are the category winners for this phase. We must not forget the smouldering contestants in each category either-winks The competition enters its final phase as the tension hots up across the categories.

Because now, it is all to play for again. So my best wishes to all competitors. Readddyyyy , sttteeadddyyy - wwwwwwooooooooooofffffff hhhaaaa. Miss Hybrid Best Cam Girl: Briana Lee Best Adult Model: Andi Land Best Newcomer: Charlee Chase Most Underrated: Ari Dee. Final round voting is in for today.

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Escorter sverige bastu i stockholm Good luck to all the ladies that have made it this far - but my vote for Miss FO is taken!

I'm undecided about my two last votes: I'd vote according to Sabrina's preference. As for the final vote, Charlee Chase would be a great choice. I got my arse out of bed early and made my votes count! Miss FreeOnes Kaylee Rayne Best Newcomer: Happy that three of my picks came out of Round 2 in first place! First and foremost, congrats to all the winners of Round 2!!

Participating in the contest has always been fun, and this year is no different! Looking forward to seeing this thread fill up with all kinds of eye candy for the voters Getting my box primed for more vote stuffing To whom have you sent e-mails? Is the alleged proof pics that were taken recently?

Thank you, thank you, thank you! To all who stuck by me throughout the first two rounds and got me to round 3, and for those who are continuing to vote into this last round! Congrats to all other girls who made it and good luck. For crying out loud, let her enjoy it! This is obviously being posted just because someone is upset that the last round didn't go their way. Let it go, man Take the drama somewhere else.

One year? You have put the time in with the members here, they and I am behind you all the way to help get you your first win in Miss FreeOnes. I have an idea for a new category next year. But everyone will need three hands, either that or bring a friend.

LOL I came across that article this morning Lots of luck to Andi in this final round of Best Adult Model voting. Yes, Adam, we have the power, up till now I was wrong with my votes, maybe I have a strange taste or something went wrong. Lets see what will turn out next, but congrats to every winner for the last rounds and still much applause for your work at freeones, nobody is perfect and you are mybe very close!!

I guess that new line under my nick is a lie, but for sure, I have a small one, but what can I do?: Lets keep it up for the next 7 days! We can do this! Loli, stick your arse in the air. By the way, is a small penis bad?? Special question to all the ladies here, the men for sure have a big one!?: I missed the ball on the new thread The final round has begun.

Best of luck to all the ladies who have made it this far! I finished the first round in 4th place and 2nd round in 2nd place. Thank you to all who have shown their support throughout this years contest. For those who do NOT follow me on twitter why?? I've spent the past 21 days sending naughty selfies via DM for a screenshot of a vote. It wasn't enough to pull out a win in 1st place so I'm changing things up for the final round.

I wrote a blog about it last night http: I believe wolverine83 is looking for some bribery for the final round. Vote for me for BEST MILF, send a screencap preferably on twitter so it's easier to tally what's happening on my end and send me your email address I'll send you a video link via wetransfer. Thank you for the support Korto!!!

Thank you so much Shottis!!! Ari Dee Harley Spencer Thank you very much dbradford! It's much appreciated!! It means a lot! Mandy Flores Thank you ChuckFaze! Ari Dee Thank you Namenlos!!! That means so much to me! Charlee Chase is the best, I would like to vote in all categories for her!! Except nexcomer, err!! It's a little after noon and I'm casting my next two votes, I'm really having a hard time deciding on the last two!

Maggie Green Andi Land. Maggie Green Andi Land What do i dream of you giving me orgasms every night for?? My congratulations to the well deserved winners in round 2! Some of my personal favorites moved on I am disappointed that not a single Asian lady has moved on in any of the individual catagories and maybe a new addition for could be Best: Not wanting to be bitter I just wanted Asa Akira and Cindy Starfall to advance a little further.

Hope we all keep Miss FreeOnes Christy Mack in our hopes for a full recovery and to Miss Hybrid for her unselfish work to assist in the healing process! Again,congratulation to all the ladies who post their content on FreeOnes and bringing a smile to our faces everyday!

When one dick in my anus, also my pussy is tight 1. When no dick in my anus and no dick in my pussy, i'll take any dick 1. Nope it's not bad. Maggie Green Andi Land A huge thanks babe!! You can now motor boat my boobies: Just not enough votes to go around. Thank youuu to everyone who keeps voting for me! If I somehow manage to win I'll do a free show on MyFreeCams since they are the super platinum monster sponsor: It was hard to cut the voting list down to 7 but here are my votes for today.

Rodger, thank you!! Means a lot to me: Thanks for all of the votes! Thank you for those of you that supported me to get to round 3. Good luck everyone: Hey guys I'm just kinda checkin' out who is doing what with the freeones contest! Keep me in mind for Best Adult Model ; http: Who else could it be? I'll keep voting for the people I have been all along.

In the final round they will all be OCSMs that are big contributors here. It'll either be enough or it won't, but I do my best to make the votes count. You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to D-rock again. Nikki Benz Voting for Charlee from now on Daily, one of my Favs http: Congratulations to the winners and all the ladies who have made it to the final round.

My votes for today are Miss Freeones Miss Hybrid http: These photos are stunning Harley, aw we have come to expect. Thank you Miss! I really appreciate it. I would be absolutely ecstatic for my first win: You have my full support too! A huge thank you to everyone that has been voting for me in the contest. To win the 2nd round is totally amazing to me and I'm totally overwhelmed by the support you guys have shown me.

I love all you guys soooooo much!!!! Now comes the most difficult part of the contest, the Final Round. Another 7 days of crazy voting ahead and not knowing if you're at the top of the bottom of the pile. All you can do is hope that you're gonna be in that top 3. I guess we will find out soon enough. Anyway enough of me talking let's get to the sexy pics Just a few more pics, hope nobody minds!!

Keep voting Woohoo! Miss Hybrid Adult Model: Kaylee Rayne Lolita Borgia Newcomer: Ariana Marie Cam Girl: Charlee Chase Let's do it! This third round is going to be like PMSing One moment you're nervous and wrecked A moment later you feel confident again The important thing is that no matter how you feel and what happens, in the end there is always pie Awwww seeteufel Thank you so much for allowing me to make the cut!

Your vote is very much appreciated!!! Thank you so much Juno!!! Thank you so much for voting for me! Andi Land Cam Girl: Sorry I've been a bit MIA today I had my live camshow from pm then went straight to sending out FREE videos for votes with screencaps and email address per my blog But I didn't forget you!!

If you've voted for me and want a FREE video a new one every day that you vote for me Congrats to all the sexy winners of Round 2 - well done ladies!!! I totally luv that drawing!!! That soooo HOT Todays Votes You are also very beautiful. Keep 'em coming! For the sake of space I consolidated a bunch of these quotes and just responded at the end with a couple in the middle: For Andi and the Miss Saschaxx I fucking love your hard assed Eastern European matter of fact way of saying shit!!

LOL No fucking around the bush here! Mandy Flores First and foremost, congrats to all the winners of Round 2!! Good luck and you have my vote until the end! She'a a true "Model" and really deserves this again! Mandy Flores Congratulations to the winners and all the ladies who have made it to the final round.

Thanks to everyone one of you quoted above, you are really appreciated by all of us I'm sure, and I should note, there are so many of you board members that really add to this forum with your contributions, your cheerleading us on, the affection and gratitude you show day in and day out, the respect so many of you give when in reality we live in a world where most of us would be considered second class citizens and whores, shunned from our churches, families, jobs, community functions, even our BANKS!!

Many of you defend us and show us love through your efforts, and I should also point out that MANY of you support us with your dollars as well, allowing us to continue doing what we do. I was going to start a list of names but realized there are just too many of you that fall into this that I couldn't get you all in and risk missing someone This has been a great contest this year and I really am flattered by the support I have been given by so many of you and other OCSM's Kisses!!

Back to voting as soon as the next round opens up! Monica MILF. My final 7 votes. Miss FOs: Miss Hybrid Best Cam: Mandy Flores Best Adult M: Kaylee Rayne Best New: Adriana chechik Best Milf: Julia Ann Under: Lacey Black. So please cast every vote and don't assume your ladies will do well without it: Voted, and this is the list until the end of the contest: Onwards and upwards.

I think I will probably have to swap around each day. Brandi Love Most Underrated: Round 3, Day 2 Miss Freeones Usual daily votes: Well my friends, the last week of the contest is here and we have everything to play for. There are just 7 days to go to find out if the last to first in 5 years was a possibility. Thank you to my faithful team, for reforming again this year and also thank you to the new voters who have only just found us.

If you are not voting for me please have a look around and see what I have put in over the last years. I have even stopped smoking! This is the full version from a previous year http: FreeOnes have fixed the player for new videos Voters will get a mention, while I ride my sybian see who makes me come plus ,they will get a free HD video of the draw and also maybe win one of my super dooper prizes.

Thank you for sticking with this year in and year out, who knows we may actually do it this year! Vote to stop me smoking! Miss H, there is no question or doubt that you give way more to FreeOnes than anyone else here. You really do make this place what it is, I have felt that way since day 1. I admire your efforts and all of your sexiness and creativity.

I am really proud of you and I hope that you can finally take home the title!! As I have said in your thread, you've got my vote every day! Ari Dee Chuck, I am so excited that you chose me today: Makes me smile! Harley Spencer Johan I truly appreciate every vote you shove in my box: Much appreciated!! XOXO http: I am so happy that you keep voting for me: Since it is Titty Tuesday, my favorite day of the week, here are some big boobie pics to say thanks to my team of voters.

If you're not voting for me, perhaps my boobs may hypnotize you into doing so! Voting is a great way to give something backto the women who share so much nice things with us Here are some of my faves Miss Freeones Miss Hybrid Other babe I favor is Siri.

Today's votes: Is it me or has the temperature on this trend soared a billion degrees because it feels like been inside the magma chamber of a supervolcano in here? As if the pressure of voting was not high enough -hhhhaaaa My thanks to every babe who has posted pics and drawings Sensational stuff. You could never stop smoking Miss Hybrid As if the pressure of voting was not high enough -hhhhaaaa My thanks to every babe who has posted pics and drawings Sensational stuff http: Oh and thank you for being so naughty ; Voting is a great way to give something backto the women who share so much nice things with us I feel the winners should be the deserving ladies who have been campaigning and posting here on the board forums, actually giving back to FreeOnes!

As if the pressure of voting was not high enough -hhhhaaaa My thanks to every babe who has posted pics and drawings Sensational stuff: You're right cronus, it is getting hot in here "so ladies take off all your clothes"! And everybody should join in the orgy of voting for those ladies that have worked so hard to earn it!: It's always hot over in Andi Land http: Miss Freeones Miss Hybrid http: Thank you so much Nemenlos!!!

Best MILF: Charlee Chase Your continued support is greatly appreciated ChuckFaze!! Charlee Chase Thank you so much RodgerBama!!! Thank you so much Shottis!! Charlee Chase Thank you again dbradford! Charlee Chase. Happy Titty Tuesday everyone!!! I've just finished filming today's FREE video for votes. For those who voted yesterday, a big thanks!

If you didn't receive your video for yesterday, please let me know! All of the power is in your hands… be sure to follow me on twitter for daily reminders to vote! Lol… It was a real workout in itself! I should really look into getting a camera with a remote. But so what? Hello everyone, and Happy Hump Day! I obviously love to get naughty!

Sound like a good plan? Well, the reason is simple! Here is the link to my voting page once the contest starts: Happy Titty Tuesday! March 19th, Hey everyone! Please Vote for Me!

Either way, will be curious to see if he is correct. Mandy and Aaliyah Sorry If I somehow manage to win I'll do a free show on MyFreeCams since they are the super platinum monster sponsor:

Round 3 of Miss FreeOnes Contest Begins:

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  2. Let's win this Miss, my Vote is all 4 you!
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You sure know how to make a girl feel special I recently learned about a new porn star in the business named Kimber Kay. Either way, will be curious to see if he is correct. I love all of the beautiful photos! It was hard to cut the voting list down to 7 but here are my votes for today. Ashley's Candy smouldering beauty and a fantastic person.

Hookup round of miss freeones is over round begins see


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