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Heat over medium heat, and whisk together until smooth. Place piece 5 as the roof on the left hand side. Ooooooh I thought they ment like they branded their own cereal and made a bar out of it lol. Add a black window on the top window piece as well. Related Post.

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Then cut out house patterns. Use to cut out pieces from the stroopwafel using a craft or sharp paring knife. The numbers on the template refer to the order in which the pieces will be assembled. I used 5 stroopwafles for the house. Decorate the front of the house 1 on the top triangle part with yellow icing.

Use green icing to decorate the rectangle directly below the triangle. Use orange icing to decorate the rectangle on the left. Color the left side of the house piece 2 with yellow icing and the right side 3 with pink icing. Color the window piece 10 with yellow icing.

Once the icing on the front side of the house has dried add in black windows. Add one window on the yellow triangle part and 3 windows on the bottom green part. Add a brown door with brown icing on the left side on top of the orange color. Add a black window on the top window piece as well. Once pieces are dry, use a whole stroopwafel for the base that will hold the house.

Take the front piece of the house 1 and pipe brown icing along the bottom as glue and place on your base. Hold for minutes until secure. Take the left side piece 2 and pipe brow icing along the sides and bottom. Attach this piece behind the front piece and on the left side. Then repeat step for right side of the house with 3 piece.

Take the back of the house 4 and pipe brown icing along the bottom and front sides. Attach it to pieces 2 and 3. Next, use pieces 5 and 6 to create the roof on the right hand side of the house. Pipe brown icing along the edges. Place piece 6 as the roof on the right hand side. Place piece 5 as the roof on the left hand side. Pieces 7 and 8 will create the roof on the left hand side.

Place piece 7 as the front part of the roof and piece 8 behind it.

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Extremleyhot webcam extremleyhot mfc Then pipe brown icing on the bottom of piece 9. Then place piece between the roof pieces on the left hand side. Piece 10 will go on the front of piece 7 roof on the left side. Pipe brown icing on it and place on the front roof. Adding in some details, pipe a blue border along the edge of the yellow triangle on the front piece as well as on the left hand side between the front roof and the orange colored piece.

On the sides of the house, you can fill in the color along the edges for a more complete look. Pipe white frosting on circle and stick chocolate coated candies to it. Then insert pretzel into balloon piece. Pipe a line down the pretzel. Now that I am older, I had to stop this practice lest I weigh pounds!

But a free, well stocked cereal bar at work? That might be enough to kick the habit back into gear. Not all American Cereals are full of sugar, granted there are a lot of them, but we give our daughter cheerios and rice krispies, on vacation she can have fruit loops! I do think its a great idea to provide food, they probably work long hours!

Otherwise it would be the saddest room in the place for someone lactose intolerant! What was even more impressive to me was all the different types of milk they had in their enormous refrigerators. Whole to non-fat to lactaid to almond. It was a milky complement to everything else in the room! Becca — Ha ha!! I DO love my oatmeal!! Plus, mixing all those cereals has to be a good creative outlet, right?

Niki — Melissa mentions that they have lots of milk, and I think I saw a pic online of the fridge stocked with different kinds of milk. Of course you have! It is just wonderful. I am so grateful that I have been able to visit there. Here were some picts from my first visit: I will try to find my photos of that and share with you.

How fun! Every sugar cereal you can imagine. LOL Sure beats having to pull down a zillion boxes for the kids to make up their mind! Very cool — thanks for sharing! I worked in a kitchen at a girls camp and we had cereal dispensers. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

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I remember having an induction day for a job and they told us that they were really into healthy options and slow-release energy, so we had muffins and smoothies provided all day. Cover with plastic wrap, and let rise for another 45 minutes. Dough will start to thicken. Piece 10 will go on the front of piece 7 roof on the left side. Other Posts You May Enjoy:

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  1. Here were some picts from my first visit:
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  4. Once the front side is dry you can add some extra icing to the back to make sure it is extra secure.
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